Cook-DuPage Corridor

West Central Municipal Conference

The West Central Municipal Conference, in conjunction with the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference, is working with our regional partners to improve the transportation system in the Cook DuPage Corridor.  The study area comprises 300 square miles of urbanized land in 51 west suburban communities and Chicago's Austin neighborhood.  The boundaries of the Cook DuPage Corridor are: the Kane-DuPage County line on the west and IL 50/Cicero Avenue on the east; Metra's Milwaukee District West line to the north (approimately IL 10/Irving Park Road) and Metra's BNSF line to the south (US 34/Odgen Avenue).

The study is a collaborative long-range transportation planning effort to identify the most effective and desired solutions to improve mobility in this heavily-traveled portion of our region.  The purpose of the study is to reach consensus on a set of future transportation improvements that address the increasingly prevalent travel patterns of intersuburban and reverse commute work trips, while achieving local and regional goals.

The Cook DuPage Study will begin work on a systems alternative analysis and designing smart corridors pilots in Cook and DuPage Counties.  These two components allow for both short and long term improvement planning along the corridor.

For more specific information about the Cook DuPage Corridor, we invite you to review the following documents that have been prepared regarding the work that has already been completed by the study.

Study Area Map

Employment Centers

Action Plan

Travel Market Analysis

Travel Markets and Employment Centers

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