Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund

West Central Municipal Conference

The Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund (IMET) was developed in July 1996 as a cooperative endeavor to assist Illinois municipalities with the investment of their intermediate-term dollars. IMET was established as a non-profit investment fund under the Illinois Municipal Code. Currently serving more than 100 municipalities and related governmental bodies, IMET is a fund with a fluctuating net asset value and an average maturity of one-to-three years. Designed for municipal funds that may be invested for more than one year, IMET invests exclusively in US government-backed securities (Treasuries and agencies). Due to its investment policies and objectives, IMET continues to receive the highest Aaa/MRI rating available from Moody's Investor Service.

IMET is a one-to-three year investment fund controlled by and for municipal managers and finance officers to enhance investment opportunity.  IMET is designed as an investment vehicle for funds not required to be spent in the near term and are available for investment in securities with average maturities.

For more information on IMET, please contact their Executive Director Laura F. Allen at 847-296-9200, ext. 38 or log on to

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