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Mar 15, 2010

Legislative Report

Legislative Report
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The House and Senate both worked through the early morning hours on June 1st and then adjourned leaving many unresolved issues.  The Governor and Legislative Leaders have begun meeting to try to come to agreement on the state budget and funding sources.  The General Assembly adjourned to the call of the chair if an agreement is reached. Prior to leaving, the Senate passed a permanent income tax increase and expansion of the state sales tax to include some services (HB 174) but the House did not consider that measure.  The House attempt to pass a temporary increase in the income tax (SB 2252) failed. The General Assembly approved a bare bones budget, including:
  • HB 2129 – Elementary & Secondary Education
  • HB 2132 – Higher Education
  • HB 2145 – State government operations
  • HB 2194 – Medical programs
  • HB 2206 – Federal & other state funds
  • SB 2218 – Budget implementation provisions.
A measure to bring the bare bones budgets to 50% of the Governor’s introduced levels passed both chambers (SB 1197) but is being held in the Senate on a motion to reconsider the vote filed by President Cullerton. Two measures were passed to provide funding for the bare bones budget: SB 1433 – Special funds sweeps and SB 1609 – General obligation bond restructuring.  The capitol plan has been approved in both chambers, but the bills are being held in the House on parliamentary maneuvers:
  • HB 255 – Funding provisions for Capital Program
  • HB 312 – Appropriations for Capital Program projects
  • HB 313 – Appropriations for Capital Program projects trailer bill
  • HB 2400 – Bonding authority for Capital Program
  • HB 2424 – FY10 Budget Implementation Act for the Capital Program
Several reform measures passed both houses, including:
  • HB 7 – Campaign finance reform provisions agreed by Governor
  • SB 51 – Procurement reform provisions from the Joint Committee on Government Reform
  • SB 54 – Ethics reform provisions from the Joint Committee on Government Reform
  • SB 189 – Freedom of Information Act reform provisions
  • SB 1602 - Creates the Gubernatorial Boards and Commissions Act
  • SB 2090 – Compensation Review Board reform provisions
Other measures that have passed one chamber and are pending in the second chamber are:
  • SB 744 – Gambling Expansion
  • SB 1186 – Full payment of state-funded pension system obligations
  • SB 1333 – Officials & Employees Termination Act of 2009
  • HJRCA 31 – Recall of Governor by petition of electors
The General Assembly has 30 days from final passage to send legislation to the Governor for his review.  The Governor then has 60 days from receipt to act on those bills.

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