Clean Air Counts

West Central Municipal Conference

The Clean Air Counts campaign is a region-wide effort to improve air quality and reduce smog throughout northeastern Illinois. It is organized into five campaigns aimed at different constituencies.  All governing bodies, including municipal governments, park districts and school districts are encouraged to participate in the Communities campaign.

Many clean air activities and policies are easy to enact and implement.  They can save big dollars and do not require specially trained staff.  There are three levels of participation which allow communities at all stages of clean air activities to participate in a three-tiered award system:

Bronze -  Raise awareness of air quality problems and how to combat them.

Silver - Commit to reduce emissions through simple measures that improve air quality.

Gold - Demonstrate leadership by implementing a comprehensive policy to reduce emissions.

Currently, a group of municipal "early adopters" are completing their applications.  If you are interested in more information and joining the Clean Air Communities campaign, please refer to their website or contact Jim Caporusso.

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